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9L 11L 13L Thickening Portable Outdoor Folding Bucket Camping Fishing Car Wash Mop Tools Kitchen

                                            9L 11L 13L Thickening Portable Folding Bucket
(Outdoor Camping Fishing Bucket Car Storage Container Car Wash Mop Bucket Cleaning Tools Kitchen etc.)
DIY car wash is a good helper: at leisure time, come to DIY car wash, 11L bucket is your essential car wash helper!
Outdoor camping; away from the hustle and bustle of the city, come to the embrace of nature, experience the passion and romance of camping, 11L bucket will bring you unexpected surprises!
Good storage tools: Everyone likes a neat and orderly interior space, but some things are very difficult, so don't worry now! 11L bucket can also be used as a storage box! Collect extra items in your car and keep your room clean.
Fishing and leisure: When the week is not over, carrying a small bucket, holding a fishing rod, taking a brisk pace, coming to the clear river, fishing for the small fish, how beautiful this life is.
Play on the beach: Take the children to the romantic beach on holiday, blow the sea breeze, watch the waves, play the fine sand with a small bucket, don't have a taste.
Material: Oxford cloth + plastic (PP) + wire
Capacity: 9L/11L/13L
Product Features:
1. Environmentally friendly materials, no odor, no toxicity, no pollution.
2, human design, easy to carry, does not occupy space, a wide range of applications with light, space-saving, easy to carry, durable and so on.
3, it is not easy to roll over after the water is filled, the plating handle is firm and will not turn into the water.
4, foldable, easy to carry and store.
5, the use is very wide, mainly for car beauty accessories, is a traveler, fishing enthusiasts, students in the suburbs activities, military camping training, boating, etc., is a frequent friends in the field activities, out of travel must-have items.
Bucket body: Made of oxford cloth plus plastic (polyurethane) coating, synthetic tarpaulin material.
Temperature range: for 0 degrees-----65 degrees
Note: There will be slight water seepage during the initial use, and the water will gradually disappear after a long time or multiple uses. Can not contain corrosive liquids
Package list:
1x Folding bucket